The beautiful property on which The Carmelence View was built on runs along the Tagaytay ridge, in the heart of the city, along with the national highway. Because of the strategic location and rolling terrain of the property, The Carmelence View offers a central view of the lake and, on a clear day, affords a view of three bodies of water, namely, a part of Laguna Lake, Taal Lake and Batangas Bay (West Philippine Sea) plus unobstructed views of the mountains of Makiling, Makulot, Banahaw, the craggy range of Batulao and the outline of the mountains of Mindoro. 

The Carmelence View was named after one of the property's original landowners, the late Carmen Aguinaldo-Melencio, from whom the name "Carmelence" is a fusion of "Carmen" and "Melencio". She was the eldest daughter of the Philippine's first President, General Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy and was known to many as Doña Carmen, to friends and relatives as Mameng and to her grandchildren as Meme. She was married to the late Ambassador to Japan Jose P. Melencio who co-owned the property and whose marriage was blessed with two daughters: one a bar top-notcher who became one of the few female Supreme Court Justices of the Philippines, Mme. Ameurfina A. Melencio-Herrera and the other was the first female general surgeon of the Philippines, Dr. Emilina A. Melencio-Fernando MD, who completed her degree at Cornell University in New York. 

Passed on from generation to generation, the land on which the hotel sits is now owned by Meme's grandchildren who named the properties "Carmelence" to honor and express gratitude to their forebears.



The Carmelence View was founded by one of Carmelence's grandchildren (and one of Emilio Aguinaldo's great-grandchildren) who considers the property and the view too precious not to be shared with other people especially those who have appreciation and great respect for nature and the beauty it has to offer. So, development commenced and as the construction completed, a management team slowly formed composed of long-time friends of the founder who have banded together to bring the best product that there could be in the Tagaytay hotel industry. 

Because the team members were first friends sharing the same values before becoming colleagues, the work environment is amiable and friction-free. Work in coming up with the highest rated Hotel in Tagaytay was not work but a hobby and play for the team. Staff are empowered to carry out their assignments when they feel they have to. Hence, there is no monitoring of working hours as all are self-regulating and driven. To the staff, catering to guests and seeing them smile in appreciation is a pleasure and not at all work. 

With the team's dedicated efforts, The Carmelence View first opened its doors on the 12th of June 2015 to coincide with the Philippine Independence Day anniversary.



Before the hotel was established, the original structure from which the hotel was built upon was a house designed in the late 1990’s by National Artist for Architecture Bobby Manosa. Consistent with the style of the national artist, the theme of the original structure is contemporary Filipino with the use of lots of glass and indigenous materials carefully positioned and joined to give lend a semblance of the view being part of the house. 

To create "The Carmelence View", a number of new rooms had to be built attached to the original structure. So, the founder-owner, an architect with a degree from UP Diliman, embarked on a theme of contemporary "light and airy" style that uniquely showcases the view. This means big rooms, high ceilings, lots of glass, witty use of mirrors, ample lighting all intended to give a feeling of flight much like a hawk eye’s view of the lake, mountains and the many towns surrounding the lake. 



Guests have consistently complimented the Hotel’s personalized and attentive service by its friendly staff as the best feature of the property. Next that guests love is the view and the location. While the property is in the heart of Tagaytay (just a kilometer away from Tagaytay City Hall), the property is secluded and affords a very quiet and restful stay. The property also ranks very high in cleanliness. Finally, guests can’t stop raving about the tastefully done hotel and interior design. Many have commented that the layout and the way materials were used and put together are very well thought of, out-of-the-ordinary and intelligently done to yield subdued elegance reflective of sophistication.


Guests have time and again mentioned the breakfast as one of the key features of the hotel. Guests are also clamoring for additional facilities like a pool, conference facilities, music room, gym facilities---all of which are in the pipeline.


Taal lake and a boat ride to the volcano island is just 17 km away from the property. Guests can be lakeshore in a matter of 20 minutes. Sky Ranch is a short walk while Tagaytay Highlands is 12 km away. Museums like Orlina and the Puzzle Mansion are short drives with the optional car service offered by the hotel.


The hotel is prioritizing the development of the much sought after conference and entertainment facilities and later on will move to add 2 generous size rooms that will be very unique and cannot be replicated elsewhere. It aims to make all its rooms to be the best rooms in Tagaytay in terms of innovative design, view, and comfort. One of the rooms will even be fitted with a wood burning fireplace imported from California for a family’s or a group of friends’ cozy bonding during the cold months of the holiday season. Moreover, the hotel property aims to construct a never-before-done swimming pool design that uses environmentally friendly means to keep the water comfortably warm by leveraging the greenhouse effect, solar heating, and water circulation management to regulate temperature in the pool and its vicinity.


"Our family stayed in Sky King Suite during our quick vacation in the Philippines. I booked this room2 months before our arrival as the property is always sold out.We are a family of 8 + 1 pet and paid for the extra beds/person & pet fee. I thank Ivy for being so patient during the time that I keep on calling her months before our arrival just to make sure my special request will be arranged according to planned. When we arrive, the staff were busy preparing for their Christmas party. Nevertheless, they did not fail to give us a warm welcome. We were greeted by the energetic Mr. Jojo, Ate Jen and Ate Glo. They offered us their locally brewed coffee while waiting for our room to be ready. It was raining that time, but luckily,the Taal volcano still showed up and was not foggy. The Room- it was fantastic and well designed! It gives us the luxurious feel on par with the Hotels in UAE; The Bed was very comfortable and clean. The bathroom was spacious and even has the view of the lake. How awesome is that? During our stay, We were given a bottle of red wine and freshly baked muffins. Also, the wifi connection in the room was very good. Balcony- very spacious and offers an unobstructed view of Taal. The view was really breathtaking and was like the ones that you see in postcards.. Breakfast- very tasty and well presented to us in the balcony. The serving is more than enough for one person and was complemented with fruits and juices. I requested for it by 7:30 am and it was delivered on time! It was a very memorable breakfast, well spent with our family back in the Philippines with the fantastic view of Taal as the background. Overall, The Carmelence View is a perfect place for staycation. It gave me and my family a memorable stay. The rate was pricey but its all worth it. The staff, were very exceptionally kind and very hospitable! Well done!"