Mid Pines Suite 1

The Mid Pines Suite 1 (45 sqm) is a one-bedroom corner suite with a cozy living area and two balconies that rise up to middle portion of the pine trees in the surroundings giving the semblance of being in a tree house. The suite features floor-to-ceiling pictures windows that reveal unobstructed view of Taal Lake and, on a clear day, the mountains of Laguna and Quezon provinces. The bathroom is also designed to provide unobstructed view of the lake while occupants can enjoy the twin rain shower heads.

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Mid Pines Suite 2

The Mid Pines Suite 2 (30 sqm) is a corner room that features an all glass concept with breathtaking views of the lake. The entry immediately reveals a picture window that frames the volcano island in the middle of Taal Lake. The suite boasts of floor-to-ceiling windows that are cleverly designed to open to the fullest thus converting the air conditioned sealed room to an open air balcony. It has an all glass bathroom wall with rain shower and an all glass dining table. Its king size bed faces the lake and has legs made of glass giving the impression that the bed is floating.

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Sky King Suite

The Sky King Suite (60 sqm) is pure luxury and resplendence in its design, fixtures, furniture, amenities, and views. (Even the toilet has a view of the lake.) It is fitted with a memory foam king bed, its tables and countertops are made from solid hardwood and stainless steel while the floors are delicately cladded with some of the finest Italian porcelain tiles. Its oversized bathroom is equipped with two rain shower heads and has its own inverter type air-conditioning. Breakfast is served at the generous size balcony with a commanding, unobstructed view of the lake and surrounding mountains. 

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Pine Base Suite

The Pine Base Suite (45 sqm), is a wood-themed, a corner suite, that affords a wider vista of the lake. The pine tree branches that seem to float on one side of the picture window gives a feel of being in a pine forest.  The balcony is equipped with teak wood furniture while inside the room, the dining table base is made of narra while the benches are made of kamagong, two of the most sought-after Philippine hardwood. 

We are expanding! Our aim is to be able to share the beautiful view and to extend the hospitality and service our guests have been raving about to a greater number guests who would like to build fond memories in Tagaytay. Hence, we have an ongoing construction which will not affect our guests' stay. The beautiful view nor the service we are known will not be affected by the unobtrusive construction work. Our guests will continue to enjoy the Carmelence brand of a quiet, pleasant and memorable stay.

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Family Suite

The Family Suite (80 sqm) promises to satisfy both parents and kids (or the barkada) by ensuring that everyone has ample room to move about while enjoying the unobstructed view of Taal Lake. The room features two Ethan Allen queen beds and 2 daybeds while the spacious balcony hosts an extendable teak wood dining table that can seat up to 6 persons. It has a spacious bathroom with a rain shower complemented by luxurious bathroom amenities. 

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Family Cabana

The Family Cabana is our latest addition to our fleet of handcrafted, individually themed rooms of luxurious living.  Consistent with our design philosophy that no two rooms in The Carmelence View are alike, the Family Cabana has its own unique feel and brand of luxury as it features Ethan Allen furniture and Baldwin Brass lighting fixtures.  Yielding the same central view of Taal Lake as with all of our rooms, the Suite comes with:

  • an anteroom;
  • 2 Queen Size Bed
  • a bathroom with two Grohe rain showers;
  • a balcony;
  • a Bridgeway that leads to a seperate room, the "Cabana" that doubles as a second bathroom;
  • The Cabana, all of which bring the total area of the Family Cabana complex to 70 square meters.

The Cabana is a semi-outdoor single detached 10 square meter structure that is joined to the bedroom by a Bridgeway that is perched 12 feet above the garden.  In itself, the Bridgeway is luxurious as it is finished with antique Piedra China flooring for its walkway and Yakal (hardwood) solid benches on the margins that run the length of the Bridgeway.

The Cabana is a full bathroom all to itself that is equipped with Grohe fittings, Baldwin Brass lighting and a bathtub.  Its roof is designed to cover only half of the Cabana so that the lavatory and the toilet are indoors and the bathtub and rain shower are semi-outdoors whose only roofing are the branches and needles of a big pine tree.  On a clear day, the Cabana offers breathtaking views of Taal Lake and the majestic mountains of Makiling, Maculod and Banahaw.  On a clear night, while immersed in the relaxing bathtub, the occupants will be able to see the stars and the rest of the night sky through the delicate branches and needles of the pine tree.  The entire structure is cleverly designed such that it can give the feel of being outdoors amid trees while assuring the privacy of its occupants.

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Murano Suite

Our latest addition to our symphony of unique, individually designed, hand crafted rooms is the Murano Suite. The inspiration for its nomenclature hails from the Island of Murano in the Metropolitan City of Venice in northern Italy which is world famous for fine glass artwork.

The Murano Suite is home to an assortment of fine Venetian glass lighting fixtures from chandeliers to scones to drop lights, all shipped by air from Murano. Like all our other rooms, The Murano Suite is a corner unit. It was designed to showcase the breathtaking lake view to the east (Lake Taal) and ocean views to the south (Balayan Bay and Batangas Bay).

The room features floor to ceiling glass walls in an exceptionally spacious area (for a hotel room) of 65 square meters or 700 square feet. Its size necessitated the installation of three split type inverter air conditioning units with one unit dedicated to cooling and dehumidifying the bathroom. The contemporary design is given its character by a prudent combination of Italian and Spanish porcelain tiles juxtaposed with intricate Venetian glasswork lighting. The moveables were made by Ethan Allen for the precision pieces and by local craftsmen for the single piece hardwood pieces, while the suite's bathroom fixtures were made by the German company Grohe.

All of these elements synergize to create an accommodation that yields the most pampered, sybaritic stay in the heart of Tagaytay.

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